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TBD Beavers Cove, Thornton, TX 76687


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Located in Robertson County

1 Acre


  • Near Lake Limestone

  • Ideal for lake retreat 


Build your dream home or make your own vacation home! Be with nature and destress yourself from city life. Imagine having a beautiful lake retreat in the comfort of your own home. Unleash the many possibilities this land will offer. See it for yourself now!

Woman Artist

We’d Gone Through Multiple Agents Before Coming to Dawn. And She Did It! She Sold Our House!

“After having our home on the market for years and being told it was the right price to sell, we’d gone through multiple agents before coming to Dawn. And she did it! She sold our house! She never gave up even when we were sure we were done. She knew just how to market to make it happen! We didn’t hesitate to keep going as the buyer with her. She’s been amazing and We would recommend her to everyone.”

Jenny Chavez

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