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Do You Have a Home to Sell Before You Buy?

Our Guaranteed Sell Program creates more demand for your home. By advertising to Buyers that we can buy their home if they buy yours*, your home stands out above your competition as one that is easier to buy. You are also more likely to get firm offers vs. conditional ones since we are willing to guarantee the buyer’s home will sell. *


I can guarantee the sale of your home if you choose to move up and buy a home listed by me, subject to certain conditions*.

House with Red Door

For more information on the
Guaranteed Sale Program, start here:

*Requested information will be sent by text and email.

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We’d Gone Through Multiple Agents Before Coming to Dawn. And She Did It! She Sold Our House!

“After having our home on the market for years and being told it was the right price to sell, we’d gone through multiple agents before coming to Dawn. And she did it! She sold our house! She never gave up even when we were sure we were done. She knew just how to market to make it happen! We didn’t hesitate to keep going as the buyer with her. She’s been amazing and We would recommend her to everyone.”

Jenny Chavez

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