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Fixer Uppers: Myths & Facts - What You Should Know Before You Buy

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Before deciding that your next home must be a fixer upper... you should do some homework on the subject. Many prospective homebuyers tend to have a romanticized version of the entire process and are quite shocked when confronted with the hard reality.

Fixer Upper homes can represent a great opportunity to purchase a home for less... as long as you thoroughly research the facts, and run the financial numbers BEFORE you purchase.

To help homebuyers who may be wondering whether or not a fixer upper even suits their present personal and financial needs, industry experts have prepared a FREE Special Report entitled, "Fixer Uppers: Myths & Facts - What You Should Know Before You Buy". This report dispels the 5 most commonly held myths surrounding fixer upper properties, and also provides a simple financial formula for estimating available profit, or savings.

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Suburban Family Home

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I Felt Like a Home Buyer Professional in the End!

"Dawn was amazing - as any person would say about their realtor, however, what made Dawn stand out was her home buyers packet. It was a well-done portfolio with everything a new home buyer would need, the "Home Buyer Navigation Tool" in one place, and easy to reference during any phase of the home buying process. I really valued how she represented new documents to us and carefully interpreted the overall meaning for each item listed in contracts. I felt like a home buyer professional in the end! In additional, Dawn was very ethical and did not take advantage of our lack of knowledge in purchasing a home, especially since we were first time home buyers. I appreciate that she let us pick our home rather than trying to pursued us into offering on homes we weren't certain about to make a quick buck. Lastly, in the negotiation process, she encouraged every decision we had and made it reality - even when we thought there was no way a seller would agree!"

Brian and Amanda Curnow

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