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A352 D Murphey Private Road 5116A, Mount Calm, Texas 76673

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26.88 Acres

Located in Limestone County


  • Partially fenced

  • Heavily wooded


Invest in the potential of this sprawling 26-acre plot of land. Whether you're envisioning your dream home or the perfect vacation getaway, this land is your canvas. Immerse yourself in its tranquil ambiance, breathtaking views, and inviting natural landscape and wildlife. There are several tanks for fishing and a seasonal creek. Take the opportunity to unwind in nature's embrace or create cherished memories with loved ones. Act fast – schedule a viewing today and see the possibilities for yourself!

jenny chavez (1).png

We’d Gone Through Multiple Agents Before Coming to Dawn. And She Did It! She Sold Our House!

“After having our home on the market for years and being told it was the right price to sell, we’d gone through multiple agents before coming to Dawn. And she did it! She sold our house! She never gave up even when we were sure we were done. She knew just how to market to make it happen! We didn’t hesitate to keep going as the buyer with her. She’s been amazing and We would recommend her to everyone.”

Jenny Chavez

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