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Peggy Treadwell
Monica Corriz
Alex Mercial
Randi Ryan
Ashley Acosta
Donice & Alyssa
Delton Thomas
Dawn was Very Responsive

"As most people know buying a home is no easy task, Dawn helped me make this process quick and painless. I searched for over a month to find the perfect house for myself and my family, Dawn was very responsive when I wanted to look at lots of different homes. She was quick to respond and Dawn and her team treated me very well. I highly recommend using Dawn for your next home purchase."


Jack Dowdy and Family

She Took the Time to Educate Us

“Most realtors just take you to places and show you the house quickly then tell you to call them when you're serious. Not Dawn, she took the time to educate us at every stage of the home buying process. She also has excellent connections to other professionals who care about their jobs and emphasize quality: home inspectors, financiers and lots of other folks that will make the home buying process a positive one. Thanks so much to Dawn, Rachel and everyone else at Your Home Real Estate.”


Josh & George

She Did Well and Beyond What We Could Ever Hoped

“Dawn is amazing she found us our dream home in a week and made sure it was exactly what we wanted her team made all the paperwork easy and respond to all our questions quickly and fully. We couldn't be happier and will be recommending them to everyone we know”


Jose and Lori Sanchez

Thank You Team Chadwell!

“Your Home Real Estate did a great job for us. Very knowledgeable and professional. They were sensitive to our needs. They came up with references for the contractors we needed to spruce up the place and correct deficiencies discovered from the building inspection. From the listing thru the sale, negotiation and closing we were very pleased. Thank you Team Chadwell!”


Richard Schmid

Israel Tejeda
Jordan & Danielle
Dawn proved herself tireless and fully committed

“I had a complicated situation---buying and selling homes at about the same time, and Dawn proved herself tireless, energetic, knowledgeable about the local real estate market. I felt she was fully committed to making this situation work for me, also fully committed to making sure that the price for the sale of my home was a good one, ditto the price for the home I purchased. She made the complicated paper trail comprehensible to me and was very helpful in making sure that I was aware of all pitfalls in this very fast sellers’ market. I also feel that she negotiated the best for me. Support staff were also very helpful.”

Nancy Phillips


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