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Find Out How Much You Can Afford in Your Next Home

Use this mortgage calculator to figure out what kind of house you can afford. There are two ways to use this calculator:

1. Enter the amount of a mortgage in the "Mortgage Amount" field and click on the "Calculate" button beside the "Monthly Payments" field to determine the monthly payments for the home.

2. Enter the amount of monthly payment you want to pay in the "Monthly Payments" field and click on the "Calculate" button beside the "Mortgage Amount" field to determine the mortgage you can afford.
For more information on what you can afford in your next home, please fill in the form on this page.

Modern Country House

Find out how much you can afford here:


I Felt She Was Fully Committed to Making This Situation Work For Me

“I had a complicated situation---buying and selling homes at about the same time, and Dawn proved herself tireless, energetic, knowledgeable about the local real estate market.  I felt she was fully committed to making this situation work for me, also fully committed to making sure that the price for the sale of my home was a good one, ditto the price for the home I purchased.  She made the complicated paper trail comprehensible to me and was very helpful in making sure that I was aware of all pitfalls in this very fast sellers’ market.  I also feel that she negotiated the best for me with both the buyer and seller.  Support staff were also very helpful.”

Nancy Phillips

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