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Mother’s Day Special | Casa de Mariposa | Dawn Chadwell | Your Home Sold Guaranteed

In this Mother’s Day Special video, Dawn Chadwell Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, When we close on a sale, we donate a portion of our proceeds to Casa De Mariposa. We are committed to raising $10,000 each year to help Casa provide resources & support to mothers who have decided to have her unborn baby. So who do YOU know considering making a move?! Refer your friends and family to our Team, it's easy! Call our team today at (505) 278-6315.

It's a HOT MARKET and it is never too early to take advantage of it! With our team of experts, you too can WIN BIG on the sale of your home. We have OVER 2,000 qualified buyers in our Buyers in Waiting database and it is growing every day!!! Our team has exactly what sellers want, and that is Buyers! DM or give us a call to get Priority Access at 505-278-6315.

Your Home SOLD GUARANTEED or We’ll Buy It!* If you or anyone you know is looking to make a move in the next little while, DM us or give us a call at 505-278-6315. Visit us at

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